Kate Stubbs

Kate Stubbs
Kate Stubbs joined Interwaste Holdings in July 2017 as the Group Sales and Marketing Executive, prior to which she worked both locally and internationally. Over the last 15 years, she worked in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Industry for Barloworld Logistics, where she held various positions in the Marketing, Sales, and Operations Teams. In her current role, she oversees the Marketing and Sales activities for Interwaste across the Group. Kate is driven by her passion to make connections between people, ideas, and concepts come alive. She has a degree in Business Management, and her areas of specialisation include: Marketing, Strategy, Business Development, Client Services, and Corporate Communication.
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The impact of fashion on our environment

Posted by Kate Stubbs on 26/02/21 08:00


There is no doubt that recent worldwide events have hindered the output of many industries and created very new playing fields for many of them. Similarly, this slow down has meant some relief for our environment and has shone a light on the importance of changing the way we do things. One such industry is the textile/fashion industry.

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Topics: Sustainability

Reimagining the potential of waste in South Africa

Posted by Kate Stubbs on 24/02/21 11:18



As published in Resource Magazine on 01 February 2021.

South Africa alone generates 108 million tonnes of waste per annum, equating to about R25.2 billion worth of waste dumped, of which 90% is disposed to over-capacitated landfill sites with only 10% of this waste being recycled. These are resources which could have been fed back into the economy by means of recycling, repurposing, and reusing. 

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Is South Africa running out of clean water?

Posted by Kate Stubbs on 01/02/21 16:18


South Africa has for many years been hailed as one of the few countries in the world with the safest drinking water – with water being consumed on a daily basis straight from our taps. Similarly, with 43% of consumers having access to water services and 90% of these using improved water sources – one would say there is hope. However, in reality, we are not out of the woods by a long shot, following the past four years of drought. While we have recovered slightly, long term water security is definitely a concern and more so when we consider the need for clean water resources. 

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Topics: Sustainability

The ins and outs of solar panels - do they really help preserve the environment?

Posted by Kate Stubbs on 01/01/21 10:00

Given that so many households and business are hindered by electricity blackouts, as well as the fact that we are lucky enough to enjoy many months of incredible sunshine in South Africa, means that numerous people are starting to take a closer look at solar panels - as alternative means of generating power.

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Topics: Sustainability

Explore South Africa’s hidden off-the-grid treasures – and fall in love with our incredible ecosystem!

Posted by Kate Stubbs on 01/01/21 09:00

To say 2020 was a strange year is a mild understatement, and so this year, there is no doubt that many people are going to be taking the bull by the horns and using the time that they have, to really unwind. Not to mention the fact that our tourism sector desperately needs a good boost and so we are likely to see some great deals in the coming months – giving us the opportunity to truly explore our own country and tap into those places that offer real tranquility.

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Topics: Sustainability

Mounting plastic waste risks lives, diminishes sustainable change!

Posted by Kate Stubbs on 20/11/20 08:52

Saturday, 21 November marks World Fisheries Day – a day commemorated to raise awareness on the importance of water as well as the lives it sustains, both on land and for marine life. The use of plastic in the world is affecting and destroying our planet due to the ‘throw-away’ mentality that many of us have without considering the extreme damages and harm not only to the environment but the consequential impact on human life.

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Topics: Recycling, Sustainability, News, Marine Life

Mitigating the plight against food waste this World Food Day

Posted by Kate Stubbs on 15/10/20 11:51

A third of the food that is produced in South Africa is destined for landfill sites, which are fast reaching full capacity. According to statistics, South Africa produces 10 million tonnes of food waste every year and reportedly, has the largest proportion of food wastage in Africa. Yet, an average of 14 million people go to bed hungry every night and 2,5 million of these are children. The recent pandemic has fuelled the food crisis, by increasing the level of food insecurity in the country, placing an even larger emphasis on the management of such food waste, and making sure that – where it can’t be mitigated, it should be repurposed through useful innovation.

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Topics: Sustainability, Legislation, Innovation, Food Waste

Waste Management in Corporate SA - It's time to embrace change

Posted by Kate Stubbs on 03/02/20 14:08

Current statistics highlight that South Africans generate 108 million tonnes of waste per annum, equating to about R25.2 billion worth of waste dumped with 90% disposed to landfill sites – this is a lot of waste and added to this challenge is the fact that much of our landfill sites are fast approaching full capacity. Luckily today, many households and companies have started their own recycling programmes and while this is sorely needed, more must be done. It is not merely the end products that must be recycled, but the entire supply chain of products, goods and services must be examined by South African businesses, if we want to thrive in this era of action against climate change. 

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Topics: Ethics in Waste Management, Recycling, Innovation, Corporate SA

[News] Cipla donates pallets of reusable ice packs in Cape Town

Posted by Kate Stubbs on 17/09/19 10:38

Putting excess waste to good (re)use

Cipla Medpro South Africa (Pty) Limited (“Cipla Medpro”), South Africa’s fourth largest pharmaceutical company in the private sector, working through their waste management partner, Interwaste, has donated approximately 10 000 reusable ice packs to sporting fraternities and the local paramedic association in the Cape Town area.

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Topics: News

Top Women Leaders - Innovation in Africa: Environmental sector

Posted by Kate Stubbs on 27/08/19 12:44

Q1: In your opinion, what is the status quo of the environmental sector in South Africa?

The environmental sector in South Africa is evolving daily and is an extremely exciting industry in which to work.There is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to education and changing mindsets as well as managing the array of environmental issues that affect our country

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Topics: Innovation

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