Explore South Africa’s hidden off-the-grid treasures – and fall in love with our incredible ecosystem!

Posted by Kate Stubbs on 01/01/21 09:00
Kate Stubbs
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To say 2020 was a strange year is a mild understatement, and so this year, there is no doubt that many people are going to be taking the bull by the horns and using the time that they have, to really unwind. Not to mention the fact that our tourism sector desperately needs a good boost and so we are likely to see some great deals in the coming months – giving us the opportunity to truly explore our own country and tap into those places that offer real tranquility.

But, solitude is something we have become very much accustomed to and so a bustling getaway at the usual beaches or game parks are likely going to be put on the back burner, with many people looking to support local B&B’s, guest houses, game farms or the more isolated beach venues. South Africa has some great off the grid locations and so, while you may have to drive down a few dustier roads to get there, they often come with a host of surprises from campfires under the stars, to great open beaches, wildlife walks and lots of wide open spaces.

Of course, we have some incredibly popular venues - and with good reason - but this year is a great opportunity to explore a little further and look for those places nestled out of the way, where the promise of peace and quiet is literally the selling point. Not to mention the fact that they are environmentally friendly and offer less dependance on our very scarce electricity resources.

Think of places like the Karoo, the Cederberg or the De Hoop Nature Reserve, where our national flower, the King Protea is found. Or, if you’re in JHB, what about something a little closer such as the Drakensberg, Magaliesburg or even the Wild Coast – all offering incredible, sprawling mountain views. There is also a breathtaking amount of scenery in Mpumalanga, where you will not only see the most stunning rock formations and views but explore a true natures paradise. And, if you’re looking for an ocean experience then look no further than Kosi Bay with its long, stretching beaches and beautiful ocean views.

So, to make the most of 2021 – map out your route and go off the beaten track to find your hidden hideaway. All these places not only offer great opportunities to view our vast and beautiful country, but they all have such a strong ecological history and green footprint, which is a value so close to our own heart as a business, that we are sure will be hard not to fall in love with and return year after year.

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