Innovative inventions that are saving our planet!

Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose DIY ideas

Africa, leaders in plastic bag prohibition

The impact of fashion on our environment

Reimagining the potential of waste in South Africa

Is South Africa running out of clean water?

The ins and outs of solar panels - do they really help preserve the environment?

Explore South Africa’s hidden off-the-grid treasures – and fall in love with our incredible ecosystem!

Mounting plastic waste risks lives, diminishes sustainable change!

Mitigating the plight against food waste this World Food Day

Waste Management in Corporate SA - It's time to embrace change

World Food Day: Drawing the line on food waste - right here, right now - is a critical priority

The role of effective waste management in preserving our country's heritage

[News] Cipla donates pallets of reusable ice packs in Cape Town

Top Women Leaders - Innovation in Africa: Environmental sector

Liquid waste and Hazardous waste is now prohibited from Landfill Disposal in South Africa

LANDFILL MINING: An answer to the problem "The end of life of landfill cells"

Creating a zero-waste lifestyle – who is helping us?

World Environment Day – How is waste impacting our air?

Energy sector must embrace innovation

Re-imagining waste-to-energy for micro-generation

[NEWS] Interwaste supported The Future Kids CLEAN-UP this World Wildlife Day

Can waste-to-energy offer an OPEX reprieve for mines?

Collective accountability needed to address waste reform and clean up SA

World Food Day: The plight of hunger highlights the travesty of food waste

Unlocking the potential of waste in South Africa

South African Industry Forced to Adapt as Waste Streams are Prohibited from Landfill Disposal

COP24: Raised the bar on re-imagining a resilient and sustainable future

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